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I built this site as a professional marketing tool to get my name and my qualifications out into the universe and to help showcase my portfolio.

On paper, I'm a hard-working administrative assistant, fully versed in data entry, QuickBooks, empathetic customer service, general accounting, and any and all software Microsoft has ever dreamed of producing (I'm looking at you, Bill Gates - BRING IT ON!). I also build websites for friends and family (self-taught), and I mention this mainly to emphasize that I am computer literate, tech savvy, and can quickly learn any software presented to me.

In person, I'm the girl that can turn a paperclip into a multi-tool to clean out the jammed paper shredder while simultaneously re-configuring the office computers that went sideways after a software update  (read: resourceful and handy to have around) - basically, a Jane of All Trades.

In my free time, you can find me hanging with my dogs (literal dogs), playing video games, Netflixing, and spending equal time either trying out new recipes or visiting new restaurants around the area.

Please check out my resume by clicking on the button in my header image.

Have a better day!

Pictured (right): Image of a statue in my grandmother's garden. I've had this on my phone for forever, and now I have a chance to showcase it. Love ya, Grandmaw!

angel praying - grandma's garden

Below are just some websites I built for employers/friends/family - both Joomla and WordPress CMS. Contact for consulting work.


A/Cº Remedies LLC

HVAC company that specializes in ac and heat repair in addition to repairing and/or replacing gas logs, water heaters, and attic fans. PLEASE NOTE: the company has since changed the template of the site, however, all the copywrite has remained the same.


AM Electric Company

Master electrician providing electrical services to Jackson, MS.

Wedding Planning | Honeymoon Planning | Travel Agent

Beloved Getaways

In conjunction with Leisure Cruise and Travel, Mindi Phillips will help you plan your destination wedding and honeymoon.

Welders | Machine Shop | Auto Repair

Novelty Machine Works, Inc.

Family-owned welding and machine shop that also performs some auto repair, mainly cracked rims and head work.

Women Professional Group | Networking

Reservoir Career Women

A professional women's networking group that meets in Flowood, MS.

General Contractor | Home Remodeling | Home Repair

Shane McLendon Builder LLC

Specializing in custom kitchens and bathrooms, and more recently, residential new construction.


Click on the button to the right to be taken to my resume which has all my contact info, or email me directly at